Dress photography.  How do we do it?

A good part of our day is spent updating the Pink Princess website.  A lot of care and detail is put into each item.  And we’ve got, like, over 10,000 items on our site.  As you can imagine, we’re pretty busy!

The work is typically divvied up amongst a few of our staffers.  It’s cool to see the fruits of our labor online, and it’s even cooler when a customer notices too! 🙂

I recently spent two days playing dress-up and having a photo shoot with a mannequin.

One of our staffers, N, an experienced Pink Princess photographer, and I set up the photography area.

Our usual white backdrop had fallen down (possibly from the recent earthquake), so we did a little creative rearranging.

Next came time to work some dress magic, which involved a “Frankenstein”-status steamer.  Fun stuff 🙂

Once the mannequin was prepped, dressed, and strategically placed, N showed me some pointers on how to take good pictures.

Ready, set, snap!

I was then left on my own- a big kid in an even bigger 95 degree dollhouse!

After the pictures are taken, they’re sent to the editing station where we color match photo to product.  We then upload the photos and product info onto our website and voilà!

Here are some of the end results.  What d’ya think?!?!

Gold Ribboned Bodice w/ Ruffled Organza Skirt

Turquoise Lace Up Shimmery Bodice with Ruffled Organza Skirt

Purple Ribboned Bodice w/ Ruffled Organza Skirt

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